When Agent Carter was cancelled earlier this year, fans were understandably upset. The series, which aired for two seasons, ended on a huge cliffhanger, one that seemed to hint at a big story-line for Peggy’s thought-to-be-dead brother, Michael in a third season. The series was Marvel Television’s first series to fail, falling victim to poor ratings on a network that is trying to rebuild its brand in order to pull in more viewers. While former ABC president Paul Lee was a huge supporter of the series, and brought it back for a second season even after the less than remarkable ratings, it became clear when new ABC president Channing Dungey took control, Agent Carter wouldn’t get a third season. For Dungey, it ultimately came down to business reasons. The series wasn’t pulling in nearly enough ratings to justify a renewal.

But that doesn’t make it any less surprising how the cancellation was handled. Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb has revealed in an interview with Business Insider that, prior to the show’s cancellation, there were never any conversations about the show ending. In fact, it appears that they only received notice shortly before the fans after a phone call from the network.

“There were no conversations,” Loeb told BusinessInsider. “We had a call from the network. The network said they were cancelling the show.”

Following Agent Carter‘s cancellation, fans began a petition to get Netflix to resurrect the series, only to have Netflix head Ted Sarandos reveal that the streaming service wouldn’t save the series due to “business reasons.” That was a huge blow for both fans and the cast, who have been very vocal about wanting to continue the series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all hope is lost. Loeb has revealed that he’s still hopeful that we’ll see more of Peggy Carter, after all, as he points out, they found a way to bring Phil Coulson back, didn’t they?

“Let me just put it this way: I watched ‘The Avengers.’ Phil Coulson died. His story was done. We’re about to go into the fourth season [of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’], and he’s standing right over there,” he explained. “So I like to think that anything is possible. And that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy my job so much.”

Both seasons of Agent Carter are available to purchase through iTunes and Amazon, with the first season available on DVD & Blu-Ray exclusively through Amazon.

Source: Comic Book Resources.