While Jeremy Renner was attending Karlovy Vary Film Festival, he talked about how strange it is to see your films after special effects are added to the stunts performed. Films as large as the Avengers franchise are daunting, as many of the stunts that are performed will receive a lot of effects work added to them, bringing characters like Iron Man or Vision to the silver screen.

“Visual effects has become a huge part of filmmaking nowadays, and it is also done so well,” he said. “I remember watching the first ‘Avengers.’ … It was so big and there were so many characters and so many things going on, you can’t really understand from the script what the hell you are really doing. … Just figure out your character and your own piece in this puzzle.”

It must be a very interesting acting out a scene and then later seeing how that piece of the larger puzzle turns out to influence the rest of the film. There is also much more to a film than just acting. Editing can influence the way a film ends up looking like when it releases in theaters.

“And then the effects take over. Once we’re done with principal photography, it goes into editing and the effects are added, and create the bad guys, the aliens, the backdrop. So it is always a surprise when it comes to films like ‘Avengers’ and the whole Marvel universe to see. It’s the only time that I really watch a movie that I’ve done because it is a complete surprise to me how it has actually turned out.”

What are your opinions on seeing how stunts are transformed in editing and the addition of special effects?

Source: Variety