New Jessica Jones Season 2 pictures have just hit the web! The wait for a second season has certainly been a long one. Season One hit Netflix in November of 2015, and even though Jessica appeared in last year’s Defenders, fans have been waiting for the next chapter of her solo show for over two years now. Well, the wait is finally over! Netflix will release Jessica Jones Season 2 in its entirety on March 8. Check out the images below!

The featured image seems to indicate that Jessica will again be having a run-in with the law. (One has to wonder how many times this can happen before our Netflix characters would have to sign the Sokovia Accords Registration Act, but I digress…). We also have new looks at several of the show’s main cast members. Even though the season is set to release in a little over a month, there is still much that we don’t know. Fans should however expect a second trailer to release any time now as we ramp up towards its premiere on March 9.

Source: Agente De Marvel , Netflix