Although production for The Defenders just ended a few weeks ago, Krysten Ritter is already back to drinking booze and punching bad guys as everyone’s favorite private investigator. According to a report from On Location Vacations, Jessica Jones season two will be filming today in New York City on Broadway and West 101st Street, the same location used in season one for exterior shots of Jessica’s apartment and Alias Investigations.

We already knew from Ritter’s previous comments that Jessica Jones and The Defenders would be filming back-to-back, but we didn’t know exactly when production would begin. We can probably expect an official production announcement and casting news for additional characters in the coming weeks.

Who would you like to see added to the cast as potential villains for Jessica Jones to face in season two? Presumably we’ll see the return of Will Simpson, AKA Nuke, but we here at MCUExchange are hoping to see the multiple-personalities of Typhoid Mary make their small screen debut as well. It was announced long ago that each episode of season two would be helmed by a female director, so it would make a lot of sense to bring a female antagonist to the show as well. Let us know who you’re hoping to see in the comments below!

Jessica Jones season two will likely premiere on Netflix in early 2018, following this summer’s The Defenders and this fall’s Punisher.

Source: On Location Vacations