We’re only a few nights of sleep away from the much-awaited second season of Jessica Jones and we’re only now learning the episode titles of the season. The international Netflix Twitter accounts have revealed the episode titles in the most creative way possible by collaborating with several artists to create thirteen comic book covers representing each episode. Now, Netflix has yet to release the entire set, opting to release it separately. Nonetheless, check out the ones that are already out!

We hope this becomes a trend for future Marvel/Netflix shows. There’s so much to like about this entire collection. Not only do we get beautiful pieces of pulpy art but we also learn the episode writers and directors and get hints to what the episodes will be about. Two years ago, it was revealed that the season would be directed by all-female talent. We’re hyped that they made it happen! We dig that they’re continuing the trend of naming them as AKAs. Remember when the show was supposed to be titled AKA Jessica Jones as a nod to Alias?

One episode title that stands out to me is the Episode 12 which is titled AKA Pray for my Patsy. Could we be getting a Hellcat centric arc near the end? Is this a play on the word ‘patsy’? Why is there a sniper aimed at Jessica? Who is that bald dude stalking her? Could that be the killer she’s after? Based on pure visuals alone, my favorite has to be the Episode 13 one designed by Annie Wu. It has the kind of art style I’d LOVE to see for the actual Jessica Jones comic.