Netflix’s Marvel shows are some of the most interesting entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they are also some of the most beautifully shot. Netflix has a talent for making works of art on screen, and the addition of 4K only makes things better.

However, another technology that is slowly making its debut in the entertainment world is HDR. This tech enhances the colors seen on shows and movies by making blacks and shadows deeper while making brighter colors pop. So far Daredevil has been the only Marvel show to take advantage of the technology, but late last year it was revealed that Netflix would be enhancing the rest of its Marvel properties with HDR. Now, that has been done.


It’s unclear exactly when Netflix flipped the switch on HDR for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but as seen through the Netflix app on an HDR capable device, both shows are now listed with support. In watching Jessica Jones with the new enhancements, the difference can clearly be seen.

Of course, to see this improvement, you’ll need an HDR capable TV or monitor and an HDR capable streaming device (unless it’s built into your TV). For myself, I use a LeEco Super X4 series TV which works fantastic, especially for the price. As we go forward with Marvel’s shows, we’ll also likely see HDR as the shows debut.