Following the Jessica Jones Season 2 set photos last week that hinted at a flashback sequence, some new photos have surfaced further hinting at an expanded flashback sequence in the sophomore season. It features Jessica making out with – dare we say it – someone new?! Lordy, Luke Cage better not get jealous after seeing this. Check out the photos right below.

Going back to those photos last week, the fact that Jessica doesn’t have her kickass signature jacket but has a stylish hairdo that we don’t think she would even attempt in her jaded present-Defender self (even though she’s rocking it) and is being sweet with some douchey looking dude, hints that this isn’t the hard-drinking potty mouth private detective we know yet. Or maybe this is Jessica after the events of the Defenders and she’s undergone a huge change with her outlook on life. We won’t know for a long time! Regardless of what this all means, we kinda dig that we’re getting more sides of Jessica that we haven’t seen in the last season. Her wearing that jacket 24/7 is getting tiresome anyway.

What do you think of these new JJ photos? Could this be a pre-Kilgrave Jessica? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Tumblr