Well, that went by fast! Just 5 months after it was revealed that the show began production, Jessica Jones Season 2 has finally wrapped filming. The stars of the show, namely Krysten Ritter and series newcomer Diane Gibson both took to social media to share their excitement. Check out those cool wrap party shirts! Can they start selling those?!

If these pictures aren’t convincing enough for you, the folks at Spoiler TV Nostradamus’d the wrap date when they listed September 15 months back. The reason why we say the production went by fast is that these Marvel Netflix shows usually take 6 months to finish filming. Now it could be that the production sailed smoothly the entire time and shot more coverage than they anticipated or that their celebrations happened early (Punisher had their wrap party days before they continued to shoot more scenes). In an ideal world, this 5-month shooting period could mean fewer episodes for the season, which is something we sure wouldn’t mind. But who are we kidding? They probably just went by filming real fast.

Anyone here excited for Jessica Jones Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Instagram, Spoiler TV

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