Hot on the heels of the Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer release, we now have a new poster featuring everyone’s favorite alcoholic PI!

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Krysten Ritter is back and badder than ever in the image, which plays on the fact that Jessica has no filter when it comes to speaking her mind. She sports the iconic ripped jeans and leather jacket look, which has become somewhat of a costume for the character. While the posters and marketing for the first season focused on the threatening presence of Killgrave and the purple hues that go with his character, this new poster has none of that. It looks as if this season will be going in a new direction, exploring Jessica’s past while also giving us a brand new antagonist!

In the trailer, it appears that Killgrave still has a presence as a sort of devil on Jessica’s shoulder. Meanwhile, as she explores the mysteries surrounding the organization responsible for her abilities, there will most certainly be a new villain. While we do not have confirmation on who this villain will be, rumors are leading us to believe that Typhoid Mary may be appearing. If this turns out to be the case, it would be amazing to see Jessica take on a female antagonist! The two characters could have a lot in common, as they both have a background in abuse and PTSD.

What if Mary is one of the other people that IGH experimented on? What if she is the killer mentioned in the new trailer? This origin could be a spectacular tie to Jessica’s own background, and present an incredibly nuanced villain which is something that Netflix has been particularly good at.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Typhoid Mary will appear? Do you like the new poster and trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Vulture