We’re just one week away from Marvel and Netflix’s final outing, the third season of Jessica Jones. Netflix treated us with the first official trailer yesterday and today, the embargo for the reviews was lifted. Check out what the press has to say about Jessica’s final outing.

As an ending, not only to a series but an entire universe, Jessica Jones season 3 feels right in its low-keyness. A significant part of that is down to the fact it doesn’t feel like an ending at all. (Not surprising, considering the fact production was well underway before Netflix started canceling these shows.) It’s not an epic culmination on the level of, say, Avengers: Endgame, but these street-level heroes were never about the bombast, anyway. Jessica Jones season 3 isn’t exactly going out with a bang, but it is bright enough to illuminate the darkest corners of the MCU just one more time.Collider

In the end, what Jessica Jones tried to with its main character arc, and masterfully executed in season one, is commendable. The same can be said for most of the Marvel series. But, as it stands, we will all remember the Netflix MCU as nothing more than a blip that was never given the rightful chance it deserved to succeedForbes

People will have different opinions about the shape Jessica Jones takes this season, and how the series brings its characters’ stories to an end, but what’s almost certain to be universally agreed-upon is that the finale doesn’t feel like a fitting final chapter for Netflix’s Marvel shows. Of course, it’s not Jessica’s job to send off all of the other Defenders and thank them for the memories. She’d never. Rather, she’d probably shrug her shoulders, crack a joke about there being too many streaming services, and wander off to find something else to occupy her time.io9

Though it began production before the cards started to fall with Netflix, it’s hard to shake the fact that this season feels phoned in. If you were hoping to see this era of Marvel Television sail off in the sunset with fireworks and acclaim, you’re simply out of luck. Despite falling flat throughout, a few great performances manage to save the season from complete and utter despair.Comicbook

It’s fitting that the Netflix/Marvel universe is coming to an end with a season that reminds us how good these shows were at their best–fitting, and more than a little bit sad. I’m going to miss bingeing these shows a few times a year, because even at their worst, they were watchable junk food TV. At their best, they were much more. I can’t wait to watch Jessica Jones Season 3’s last five episodes and see how it all will end.Gamespot