After days of being teased with short vignettes, we finally have the first full trailer for the final season of Jessica Jones. Check it out below!

Previous promos from the third season were mostly mum on who exactly would be terrorizing Jessica in her final outing but this trailer outright confirms it as Foolkiller, a street-level Marvel villain with a knack for eliminating the self-righteous. From the sound of his spiels in this trailer alone, it looks the show will stay faithful to that aspect.

We also get to see what’s in store for Jessica’s relationship with former best friend, Trish Walker. Last we saw Trish, she was already on her way to become a vigilante and this trailer strongly indicates that Trish finally lives out her dream protecting the streets of New York herself. Overall, this is a nicely done trailer. I’ve heard a lot of mixed stuff from people who’ve seen the majority of the season of ninjacasino, with descriptions ranging from dull to really good. From this trailer alone, I’m leaning towards the latter. Fingers crossed that we get a good send-off for the Netflix shows.

Source: Twitter