While Jessica Jones is in the process of filming, there has been very little official information released about what we will expect from the second season of the award-winning Marvel Netflix drama. Even with a description of some of the characters that they are adding to the cast, the season appears to be a mystery.

Today, at the C2E2 conference in Chicago, Mike Colter revealed that he is constantly talking with Jessica herself, Krysten Ritter, as she films the second season. That doesn’t seem unreasonable for two actors that have worked together as much as the two of them have, in the Netflix universe, but what is unusual is that he is privy to the details of Jessica Jones, Season Two. As reported by our correspondent at the convention, it’s going to be “dark and heavy.”

Marvel Television is incredibly secretive with the scripts for these shows. Many times, actors in recurring roles, such as Geoffrey Cantor, who plays Ellison in Daredevil, have said that they don’t even get to see the full script for the episodes in which they act. The leads get the full script, but those that don’t need to see what’s happening don’t usually get a view. Colter may know about the tone of Jessica Jones simply from talking to his friend in vague terms, or he could be more involved with the project. At this point, it is all speculation.

Season one of Jessica Jones was far from light and fluffy, so it is no surprise that the second season will also be dark and heavy. Showrunner Melissa Rosenburg has had plenty of time to develop this season, which was announced over a year ago. The new way in which the show addressed touchy issues, such as rape, earned it a Peabody Award. Fans of the show, which sometimes don’t cross over into any of the other Marvel Television shows, will definitely expect the quality drama that was presented the first time around.

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