There haven’t been many new images from the set of Jessica Jones, which is currently filming it’s second season in New York City. We have seen a few pictures from set, but they were so standard that you can’t even tell if they were from the new season, or just previously unreleased shots from Season 1, of The Defenders. But finally, we have some shots from filming that show definitively new action for the most badass woman of New York.

The comforting thing about the above picture is that it appears that Eka Darville‘s Malcolm Ducasse is standing behind Jessica’s right elbow. We haven’t yet heard confirmation of Malcolm returning to season two, and there was some concern that he might have been the person killed, landing Jessica in Misty Knight’s interrogation Room, in the trailer for The Defenders. Since you can’t clearly see his face in those shots, it’s not confirmation that the character will be returning, but it calms my nerves, a little.

Jessica is obviously going to continue to have her trouble with the law. What is new (other than her clothes, which are slightly different than in The Defenders), is that her friend, Trish (Rachael Taylor) appears to also be caught in whatever is going down, in these images.

There’s one more shot, which we assume to be behind the scenes, as Jessica isn’t one to smile like this, unless she’s under mind control or trying to save somebody. But I wouldn’t put it past the creative team to have another plot that focuses on the pressure for women to smile.


In the first season, Trish was anxious to get in on the action. Will Patsy Walker make her full conversion to Hellcat in the second season of Jessica Jones? We’ll have to wait and see. There is no release date set for the season, which should come after The Punisher and be early in 2018. Until then, do these pictures get you excited about what’s to come? Let us know, in the comments!

Sources: ExituS