With the exception of the Spider-Man 3, the Raimi films have been mostly stellar. And one of the things that make those films stellar is the casting of J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, the character that fans are dying to see incorporated into the MCU. The Oscar-winner spoke to Entertainment Tonight a couple of days ago and shared his openness for a potential return to the franchise.

“Never say never,” Simmons said, coyly. “I had an amazing time with Sam Raimi and those movies… that was a great, great time and huge for my career and my life and just pure fun.” The star admitted that if there was “an opportunity to revisit” that world, it might be a pretty attractive possibility.

As mentioned above, fans have been loooooooooooonging for the MCU to birth its own J. Jonah Jameson. Some fancasts have thrown name actors like Ice Cub and Terry Crews  into the mix, having made careers out of playing angry foul-mouthed authority figures on screen hence their popularity. Personally, I’d much prefer to see someone else take over the mantle of Peter Parker’s infamous boss, for the sake of keeping things novel for the franchise. With how quickly the Spider-verse is growing (the MCU’s and Sony’s respectively), it’s only a matter of time until we get a new Jonah.

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Source: ET