Soon it’ll be a year since the last major MCU film was released. Spider-Man: Far From Home had quite a lot of attention surrounding it. It functioned as an epilogue to the massive Infinity Saga that saw major characters leave the franchise. Spidey was faced with his biggest threat yet and it ended on one of the franchise’s biggest cliffhangers. To add uncertainty to that ending, the deal between Sony and Marvel Studios fell through and it was uncertain if we would even see the story direction continue that Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige set. Luckily, they managed to agree on some new terms to continue the partnership and a third installment in the MCU Spider-Man was confirmed.

While everything is facing delays, we are still unsure what exactly the future of Spider-Man looks like. It is uncertain if the co-production will continue beyond the third film and Sony is trying to set up their universe. Even going so far as creating franchises around rather obscure characters like Jackpot. The return of  J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson at the end of Far From Home also set up one of the ways they will interconnect these franchises.

It was uncertain how big of a role he will have moving forward but in a recent episode of PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing, he confirmed that he will return for the third installment and subsequent sequels. This is huge news as it not only confirms he signed a multi-picture deal but also that Sony has some major plans for Spider-Man moving forward.

Hopefully, this also means that the relationship between Marvel Studios and Sony will continue to allow them to further develop this character. He has become an integral part of the future of the MCU and Feige was never shy about his love for the character. J.K. Simmons‘ return was also a great surprise in the post-credit sequence of Far From Home that set the stage for the character to return more to his roots in upcoming films.

What do you think? What role do you believe he will have moving forward?

Source: Independent, EW, Deadline