During a Q&A session on Quora, Joe and Anthony Russo answered some questions from fans and it yielded interesting information on the post-Civil War MCU. Additionally, they touched on the process of working together, with such a talented group of individuals. When asked what are the pros and cons of directing as a duo, Joe Russo joked:

Having to share a director’s chair.

The two may be brothers, but they’re both separate individuals with their own ideas, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they bumped heads occasionally. But obviously, this is a key to their success. Being able to bounce ideas off of one another and complement each other from different angles is what makes them a great team. So when asked which side of the Civil War they fall on Anthony had this to say:

As storytellers we wanted to create a conflict where both sides were perfectly valid. In the pursuit of that we were repeatedly flipping from one side to the other in an effort to strengthen each against the other. We did this from the earliest point in the development process to the very end of the edit, so now we are too mixed up to say.

This was really the most important part of making Captain America: Civil War, the audience needs to be able to view the conflict as tangible. Having one side of the team that is viewed as superior, would create an issue with balance for the movie.

But of course working with your cast is just as important as their characters. For Marvel Studios this was the largest ensemble cast to date. When asked how memorable working with Robert Downey Jr. was, and if anyone else could play Tony Stark, the brothers had this to say:

R.D.J. and Tony Stark have merged identities and are now the same person. Said Joe, Anthony also stated: Seeing how generous Robert Downey was with Tom Holland. Robert understood the importance of introducing a new Spider-Man and the pressure a young performer like Tom was facing. He put an enormous amount of time and effort into rehearsing those scenes with Tom, making them better and making sure Tom had every opportunity to shine.

Keep in mind this is a big jumping off point in his career, for Tom Holland. He may have only had a few months to prepare for his role in Civil War, so having someone like Robert Downey Jr. help bring the newest version of Spider-Man to life in the MCU must have been a huge relief.

Spider-Man wasn’t the only character first introduced to the MCU through Captain America Civil War. Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman also needed to be front and center for the Russo brothers. It was amazing to see how seamlessly he was brought into Civil War, fitting perfectly into the overarching story. While we learned some things about the character in Civil War, there is still so much we don’t know. One of the things fans wanted to know is if T’Challa’s ring had any powers, Anthony Russo answered, on the significance of the ring and what it means going forward.

Black Panther’s ring is special to him because it was worn by his father, the king. When he puts it on for the first time in Civil War, it’s symbolic of him taking on his father’s role. As for its powers, we will all have to wait for the Black Panther movie.

Chadwick Boseman did a stellar job playing Black Panther, but as he recently reminded us his role in Civil War was not an origin story. So of course, we will learn more about the character when his movie releases in 2018. Personally, I hope to see his iconic purple knives.

This bleeds over into why the Russo brothers are the perfect choice for a large ensemble movie like Avengers: Infinity War. Blending long-standing characters with new ones is no easy task. Thus, even though Civil War was the first movie with the most amount of characters they have ever played with, it won’t be the last. When asked what was the hardest part of directing Civil War Anthony Russo said:

While we love ensemble storytelling, and much of our filmmaking work has included ensembles, this was the most amount of characters we ever used within a single story. On top of that, these are all beloved characters played by amazing actors. Finding a way to blend so many strong characters into the story and finding ways to make them shine, even with limited screen time, was perhaps the most challenging (and most fun) part of this experience.

They’ve already tackled the hardest part of making a film of this caliber so when Avengers: Infinity War does finally release they will have that feather in their cap. But, between now and the then, so much is possible for the MCU.

Previously, we talked about Steve Rogers letting go of the title Captain America, you can check that out here. But, Joe Russo spoke on a little more, which leads us to speculate when is the next time we see Steve Rogers.

At the end of Civil War Cap drops his shield because Tony tells him he doesn’t deserve it any longer, and perhaps he doesn’t. His responsibility to himself is now in conflict with his responsibility to others, and he will struggle to resolve that. His road forward involves figuring out who Steve Rogers is without the shield. We always thought of this movie as the start of the war. It’s not over yet.

One of the minor complaints of Civil War is that it didn’t contain the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, this could be a great way to copy how events are handled in the comics, that is over multiple issues. Similarly, Civil War could be covered through multiple shows and Films.

When Civil War ended Steve Rogers broke his half of the Avengers out of the raft prison, all while still being subject to the Sokovia Accords. But, this doesn’t mean the underlying conflict has to end in order for the heroes to come together for Avengers: Infinity War, as Steve Rogers said to Tony: “We will be there when you need us”. Due to this, numerous questions on how the MCU will play out are inevitable.

Could this mean at some point we will see two distinct, Avengers teams? Perhaps, incarnations of Steve Rogers’ Secret Avengers and Iron Man’s Mighty Avengers. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will certainly tackle the Sokovia Accords, and there is the small, albeit unlikely, possibility that an Avenger appears on Season 4 of the show

While we know Iron Man will be appearing in Spider-Man Homecoming, could it be possible Steve Rogers will show up elsewhere in the MCU? Based on the end credits scene in Civil War Rogers will have ties to Wakanda, maybe he turns up in the Black Panther movie? Lastly, RDJ has stated that he is open to doing Iron Man 4. The title Iron Man: Civil War has a nice post Infinity War ring to it!

How would you like to see Civil War continued in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Quora