With three of four defenders having been cast and made their live action debuts thanks to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, many fans have been eagerly awaiting an update on Iron Fist. Especially after it was announced that Misty Knight would be appearing in next year’s Luke Cage series. This, of course, led to a good amount of rumors making their way around online. First, it was that Marvel Television decided to cancel the show, choosing instead to develop a Punisher TV series. With Frank Castle appearing in the second season of Daredevil, it would make sense that Netflix and Marvel Television were developing a potential spin-off series, but the idea of it replacing Iron Fist, which was announced as part of the Defenders package? That didn’t make too much sense.

And then came the movie rumors. This is where things got interesting. Again, while none of these rumors seemed plausible – after-all, there have been plenty of Iron Fist Easter eggs implanted in the other series – it was hard to ignore them. And as the saying goes, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” So, what is really going on with the Iron Fist series on Netflix? While at the premiere for Jessica Jones yesterday, Joe Quesada gave IGN an update on the series, going on to say the series is definitely still happening, while also saying that they’d love to see a Punisher series happen, although it’s far too early to say it’s in the works.

The Netflix shows generally film for around six months; Daredevil films from July to December, while Jessica Jones filmed from February through August. And Luke Cage officially entered production back in September, meaning it’ll film until around April to be released approximately three months later. (This is assuming it follows the schedules of the other shows.) If this is the case, we can probably expect a showrunner announcement for Iron Fist over the course of the next couple of months, more than likely followed by a casting announcement, with production to begin around July of next year. (Again, this is only speculation!)

While we await news on Iron Fist, we at least have both Daredevil and Jessica Jones to keep us entertained!

Source: IGN.