Just days after revealing that Taika Waititi is currently in negotiations to direct Thor: Ragnarok, Jeff Sneider of The Wrap is back with another big piece of news – this time regarding Black Panther. While many sites have been mentioning that director F. Gary Gray was being sought after to direct the upcoming film prior to joining Fast & Furious 8, according to the latest report from The Wrap, it looks as though it’ll be some time before we begin to hear anything regarding a possible director.

We’ve known for some time that one of the reasons that Black Panther hasn’t landed a director for the gig just yet was because there wasn’t a script. Now, it looks as though that’ll soon change. According to The Wrap, Joe Robert Cole is currently nearing a deal to write the screenplay for the upcoming flick. While he doesn’t have any major credits to his name, it was said that Cole worked on an early draft of a script for Inhumans, which Marvel will ultimately not be using for the upcoming film.

Cole has been part of Marvel’s in-house writer’s program, which counts “Guardians of the Galaxy” scribe Nicole Perlman among its alumni. He has been rumored to have taken a crack at an “Inhumans” script for Marvel, but either way, he is not currently involved with that project and if a draft was indeed written, it is not expected to be used by the studio.

Black Panther is set to hit movie theaters on July 6th, 2018, while star Chadwick Boseman will make his debut as the character in next year’s Captain America: Civil War.

Source: The Wrap.