John Boyega‘s career has started to hit its stride ever since he first broke out in Attack the Block. The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has catapulted his career and he will now headline Pacific Rim: Uprising. There have been rumors that he is eyeing a role in the ever-expanding MCU for quite some time. For some time, many believed that he was in the running to play a version of Blade but even the actor said he’d prefer for Wesley Snipes to return to the role. During his stay at Awesome Con, the actor was asked a variety of questions, one involving him potentially becoming Blade that ended up leading to him revealing that he has been meeting with Marvel.

He does not give away anything but does point out that whatever is being discussed would not come to fruition until later down the line. There are many possible roles that the actor could tackle. As Bounding Into Comics points out, the actor has Nigerian roots that could be fitting for a role in an inevitable Black Panther sequel. Another character already teased for a potential future into the MCU, something Bounding Into Comics also points out, would be Dr. Voodoo, as Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson hinted at him potentially appearing in the franchise at some point.

What do you think? Who do you think John Boyega should play at some point?

Source: Bounding Into Comics via

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