It’s always surreal to think that we’ve been watching this franchise for over ten years now. In celebration of Marvel Studios’ first huge milestone, two posters by John Guydo have been made honoring its heroes and villains, which you can see below.

Bottleneck Gallery, Grey Matter Art, Marvel Studios and John Guydo all collaborated to create these prints. They display (nearly) every hero and villain from the past ten years of movies. Both prints measure 18×36 inches and you can buy each of them separately for $50 each or you can get both for $95. But, you should hurry if you’re itching to get them, as they’re only being sold until January 13th at 11:59pm ET, but they could run out even before then.

There are variants of these posters too and while they’re sold out, they’re still nice to admire.

However, it’s curious how Spider-Man of all characters is missing from the heroes poster. I can’t imagine there being any licensing issues with the character though, since Disney controls all merchandising rights.

Regardless, these two posters are a wonderful representation of these characters and Marvel Studios as a whole.