One of the most interesting stories to come out of 2015 was the news that Oscar winning writer, John Ridley, was working on a secret project with Marvel. There has been plenty of speculation as to what the show will be about, but so far we have gotten little to no information.

Ridley is currently working on both American Crime and Presence, which gave Collider an opportunity to talk to him. Although much of the conversation was about American Crime, eventually, the topic did change to his Marvel project.

He can not and did not say much about it, but he did talk about what made him interested in the project and working with Marvel.

I grew up reading graphic novels, which back then were comic books. I’ve written some. I have kids who, with as much social impact that American Crime or 12 Year A Slave has, they could not care less. They’re just at that age. Back in the day, when I was growing up with things like Star Wars and Superman, they were quality work. We’ve seen really good things that are based on these fantastic universes. And I can’t talk much, at all, about it, but when Marvel and ABC approached me about the project, it felt like a good fit. Look at Jessica Jones and what they’re doing. It’s quality stuff. So, I hope and believe that, if we have the opportunity to do it, it will be done with quality. Because it is something that people maybe go, “Why would John do that?,” I love American Crime and I love what it’s about, but it’s a hard show.

Hopefully, we will get some answers on not only the state of the project but what it is about. This seems like a project that will get made at some point, but with Most Wanted and Damage Control both also in development, things could start to get a bit crowded. I mean, ABC only has so many time slots, but if Marvel was willing to do two shows per week during the fall/spring run, we could get more content soon.

John Ridley is currently working on the secret project but when/if it gets a release is unknown.

Source: Collider