Avengers 4 can pretty much do anything at this point. Thanos has snapped away most of the Avengers. He retired at a nice farm as half the universe just vanished into nothing. Tony Stark is stranded on a desert planet that was the once thriving planet of Titan. Our heroes are licking their wounds on Wakanda as everything seemed to have been for nothing. We still know so little about what the film will be about that almost any theory could end up being true. The most prevalent one surrounds the usage of Ant-Man and Quantum energy. There is a brief mention of its connection to alternative universes in Ant-Man and the Wasp. The entire film of Doctor Strange introduces us to this very concept as well. So, a large theory sees our favorite heroes traveling through time to alternate dimensions to gather the Infinity Stones. As the true ending of an era, it may include a lot of recurring events and characters. Our friends over at That Hashtag Show got an exclusive on one returning character from MCU’s past.

It seems that John Slattery has filmed a few sequences as Howard Stark. He first appeared in the role in Iron Man 2 and even had a returning cameo in Ant-Man and most notably in Captain America: Civil War. They uncovered that he was seen shooting sequences together with Robert Downey Jr. which could see them finally meet in person on screen. We did get a small glimpse of their estranged relationship in the BARF simulator from Civil War, which could be the same case in Avengers 4. The alternative dimension theory could also point to them traveling further through time than originally planned which could make this meeting happen. A defining trait of Tony’s was his relationship to Howard. He always tried to make him proud only to lose his parents tragically at the hands of a brainwashed Bucky. With Robert Downey Jr. ‘s contract coming to an end, it might be a great way to end his arc as he finally gets to confront the man that pushed him throughout his entire life. Tony could finally tell his father what he always meant to tell him before they left that fateful evening. They do add that there is a chance that these shots could get cut so we will only find out what role he has once the film comes into theatres in 2019.

What do you think? How do you think Howard Stark could factor into the film?

Source: That Hashtag Show

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