It’s convention season for the TV stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and last weekend was no exception. Speaking at the Phoenix Comic-Con last weekend, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan favorite Gabriel Luna brought up his wishes for a potential Thunderbolts Netflix show down the line. Included in that wish was his interest in working with Daredevil star Elodie Yung and Frank Castle himself Jon Bernthal in that Thunderbolts show. The very next day, the same prospect was brought up Jon Bernthal (a guest in the same con as well), to which he was allegedly very interested in, just so as long as the “script is right.” This cool bit of news comes from Omega Underground

Now while I’ve never been a fan of the Red Hulk-led iteration of the Thunderbolts that included Ghost Rider, Punisher and Elektra (I’m an OG Zemo Thunderbolts fan all the way), a potential show like this is a smart next step in the evolution of the Marvel/Netflix world. I’ve always said that the Netflix folks should introduce a next wave of new Marvel shows in place of having subsequent seasons of existing shows pile on each other. A property like Thunderbolts is definitely the way to go. Heck, how about a Ghost Rider spin-off while they’re at it?

Luna also shared at the same panel that a Midnight Sons show with Blade is something he’d like to see. Hell yes. We need more dark mystical stories in the MCU! Also, how cool is it that Luna knows this much about the comics?

Source: Omega Underground