Over the weekend, we ran an interview where the always fantastic Jon Bernthal talked about his work on the second season of Daredevil. In that interview, the actor explained that before he joined the series, he wasn’t really looking to get into the comic book thing*, but he loved that he’d be able to explore this character and really get to showcase just who he was thanks to the series being on Netflix. Now in a new interview with Deadline, the actor sat down for a bit more of a revealing interview, where he not only discusses his character’s spin-off, but also the gun control debate – a topic that is hot right now after the terrible tragedy in Orlando earlier this month.

For Bernthal, he explained that he feels art should reflect our society, and that it should make us think and ask questions. This is evident in his portrayal of Frank Castle in Daredevil. Not only does his character’s backstory work within our society, but the method in which his family was killed is something we see on television every day it seems. It provides a sense of empathy for his later actions. Having watched his family die, the need to take down those responsible is something many would easily feel if they were in his character’s shoes. When it comes to the actual gun control debate, though, Bernthal admits it is a “complicated” issue, but that he hopes the show makes people willing to be more vocal and ask questions.

Look, what I think should happen is I think that one of the most notable things that art can do is hold a mirror to society and make you ask questions. I think that if you’re asking a question, then we’re doing our job. I think that’s the point. I think what’s really interesting about Daredevil Season 2, and as far as the issue with guns, and guns in America, and guns in the streets, and guns for justice, and all these things–what’s interesting about that is I think that wherever you fall on the gun control debate, I think you can make arguments based on our show that would support either side. I like that. I think that’s what we should do. I think that our job is not to give you an answer. I don’t think our job is to tell you which way to think. I think our job is to hold a mirror out to reflect society and show both sides of it. That’s kind of where I fall. I think that it’s a very, very complicated issue and I think if we’re successful, we’re going to raise those questions.

As to what is going on with the confirmed spin-off for The Punisher? Bernthal seems to play coy about it, stating that he doesn’t really know what showrunner Steve Lightfoot has in store for the series, or when the plan is to actually begin filming. Still, the actor admits that he’s ready to keep going with Castle’s story.

I’m tremendously excited about it. I look at it as a real joy and a real responsibility and a real honor to play Frank Castle. I feel like he’s in my bones now and he’s in my heart. I’m ready to keep going with him. As far as what this show’s going to be, and what it’s going to be about, and when it’s going to shoot, and where it’s going to shoot and all that, unfortunately I don’t know anything. It’s kind of part and parcel with the way that Marvel works. Information is definitely on a need to know basis. I am nervous, and I just want to do this character and this world justice.

You can watch Bernthal’s phenomenal take on The Punisher in the second season of Daredevil exclusively on Netflix.

Before everyone notes he was in *The Walking Dead, Bernthal clarified his comments in this Deadline interview, specifying that it was the superhero genre he wasn’t really looking to get into.

Source: Deadline.