Shortly after director Scott Derrickson was brought on to direct Doctor Strange for Marvel, it was announced that the first draft of the screenplay would be written by Jon Spaihts, the man behind films such as Prometheus and the upcoming Passengers. For fans of Strange, a duo such as Derrickson and Spaihts proved to be rather promising. Of course, since then, we’ve learned that some additional work went into the script, with Derrickson bringing in his frequent collaborator, Robert Cargill, to finalize the screenplay, and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon having helped tweak the script a bit further to add in some lighter moments. The practice of having multiple people work on a screenplay isn’t anything new – both with Marvel films and blockbusters, in general – but for some, that of course, seemed a bit worrisome. Judging by the film’s score on Rotten Tomatoes, however, it doesn’t appear to have been a problem. And there’s perhaps a good reason for this, according to Spaihts, the writers had a firm idea of how they wanted to bring the magic in the film to life, making sure to root it in the “physics of our universe.”

Taking some time out of his busy schedule, Spaihts sat down with the folks over at the New York Post to discuss the film and how he went about bringing Stephen Strange and his world to life for the big screen. One of the great things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that Marvel usually hires the right people to bring these stories to life – that goes for not only their directors but also their writers. When making a movie, especially one of this magnitude, it’s important that the creative teams are able to work well together. This appears to not have been an issue with Derrickson and Spaihts. According to Spaihts, the two had a very good understanding regarding how they wanted to present magic in this film from the get-go.

“It was very important to [director] Scott Derrickson particularly that our magic be physical and that it have a momentum of its own,” Spaihts says. “If a fight began with fists and expanded into magic, the magic should preserve the sensibility of the fist fight, so it’s more like a kung fu battle rather than a battle where two people are standing there saying words at each other.”

Spaihts further explains that given that this is the first time Marvel is venturing into the mystical arts within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was important that they kept the mystical world rooted in the universe, without being able to just explain everything away.

“You can’t explain everything in the mystical world with a pseudoscientific rationale,” Spaihts says. “But at the same time, you want the magic to be rooted in the universe that you know.”

As exciting as it was to help craft Doctor Strange’s origin story for the MCU, Spaihts was quick to note the challenges that went into adapting the character for live-action. Although he isn’t necessarily a big-name character to the general public as of yet, Strange does have a huge history within the comics, some of which have seen his abilities shift and change throughout time. Because of that, Spaihts and Derrickson had to really pick and choose what they wanted to bring into the film.

“One of the challenges with Doctor Strange, is that the character first appeared in [Marvel comic books] in 1963,” Spaihts says. “There’s a huge body of work that surrounds him, and his powers have ebbed and grown and shifted over time. We had to make some choices on what he could and couldn’t do.”

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Doctor Strange will hit the big screen on November 4th!

Source: New York Post and Disney Movie Rewards.