Many are focused on the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it will not be long until we are greeted with the MCU’s Peter Parker first solo outing on July 7. In his introduction during Captain America: Civil War we got our first look at the brand new costume and a tease of what he originally wore before Tony Stark made him a brand new one. And in the post-credits scene for the film, we were given a tease of the bells and whistles the suit had when Peter discovers the infamous Spider-Signal in his web-shooters. Speaking to the LA Times, Jon Watts elaborated on the inspiration they had coming up with the features of the suit and how everything came to be.

“There’s actually a precedent for a lot of these ideas in these comics. In the very first issue of Spider-Man, there was one page dedicated to all the different things that Spider-Man can do with his webs. We would always joke about that because there are web skis, and a web boat, and a web shield.”

This time we even get the characters famous expressive eyes from the comics, which also seems to indicate a specific “spider mode” that adapts depending on his eyes. Peter did mention that he has a hard time focusing, so closed eyes could be a sign of him focusing his attention on something. The team had quite a lot of work ahead of them in creating a practical suit that could compete with the computer-generated one from Civil War. It certainly gave the costume designer Louise Frogley a run for his money.

“We were tasked with trying to build a practical suit that looked like the perfect computer-generated suit they had made for ‘Civil War’. That was very complicated, and I assume extremely stressful for Louise.”

It seems many aspects of the suit were envisioned by Kevin Feige himself, which added another challenge to the crew as they were starting production. The director even makes a rather interesting point of how challenging it is to make the classic spider web pattern look good on film.

“We did test after test of different fabrics, ways of printing on the fabrics, different levels of patterns, different cutting patterns. I learned so much more about textiles than I ever thought I ever would need to in my life. … I also learned the hardest thing in the world to do is have a spider web pattern look consistent from every angle. It’s basically impossible, it’s like fishnet stockings.”

Watts also teased some aspects we could potentially see from Spidey’s famous web shooters. Up to this point, the design for the web fluid has been rather simplistic outside of a few surprising moments, but with Stark upgrading Parker’s arsonal, we could potentially see them come in more varied versions, as he points out that while we should not expect web skis, they won’t always be in the same regular strand as one would be use to.

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Source: LA Times