Some cool news ahead of the calm before the storm that is SDCC. The Hollywood Reporter just broke that Jon Watts is currently in talks to return to the directorial chair for the would-be sequel to the massive successful Spider-Man: Homecoming. Not surprising given the off-the-chart response of fans and critics towards the film. I’d say you can take this pretty much to the bank because it’s unlikely a deal this beneficial for Watts, Sony and Marvel would break down. Unless of course, Sony pulls a wild card and decides to hire a Tommy Wiseau to take the reigns.

Joking aside, this is just good news. Despite Watt’s relatively short resume prior to Homecoming and a tumultuous creative relationship Sony and Marvel could have had with each other, the resulting film speaks to how smoothly Watt’s directorial process was. He played ball with both studios and ended up with a stellar film so he deserves this second shot. I’d love to see what he can creatively do backed up by all this blockbuster clout now. I enjoyed Cop Car a lot and would love to see some of his flourishes in that film its way to the Spider-Man sequel.

Are you excited for a returning Jon Watts or do you want fresh blood for the sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter