It’s been a few months now since Marvel and Sony officially announced that Jon Watts will direct the still untitled Spider-Man reboot. Watts has spoken out before about what can happen in his version of Spider-Man, but even with Tom Holland set to debut in Captain America: Civil War, we still do not know that much in terms of concrete detail on the character or the story.

He was recently interviewed by IGN and they touched on a variety of topics such as the process of getting the job, what movies will have an influence on the reboot, and the “possibilities” that being apart of Marvel bring.

Watts was a surprising pick to be the director for Spider-Man being that he wasn’t on the rumored top 5 choices and with a limited resume. It was such a surprise, that Watts isn’t even sure how he managed to pull this off.

You know, still, I’m not exactly sure! [laughs] It’s still hard to believe it’s happening, even though I’m working on it every day. And at weekends. I went in and first it was just a general meeting. Then I just kept going back and talking more and more about why I liked the character so much.

It seems like Watts won the job because of how creative his pitch for the movie was. Based on his latest comments, he want’s Spider-Man to be relatable and grounded.

I think every kid is a Spider-Man fan at some point. It’s a phase you go through because he’s just the most relatable of all the [superhero] characters.

I can’t go into any plot details, but he’s the ground-level superhero. It’s really exciting, because we’re doing it as a High School movie. And I think it being a coming-of-age movie, to see that growth, will also be really fun.

Being apart of the MCU now, Watts has been looking back at the universe, but he won’t say which one is his favorite.

You know what’s been great? Since being at Marvel, I’ve been watching everything over and over and over again, all the movies and seeing how all the movies connect has been very satisfying for me. Like, there were things that I wasn’t necessarily picking up on the first time through in some of those movies and you go all the way back to the earlier ones and you see they’re connecting.

There’s so much, it’s just all the overlaps. I like watching the Stark family continuity throughout the movies, seeing Tony’s dad in the first Captain America, things like that.

Even with his upcoming film being a superhero movie, Watts is taking an approach that I find quite interesting.

I’m not really thinking about it in those terms. I’m thinking about it more as my favourite coming-of-age movies.

I love Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything and Almost Famous, I think those are really great coming-of-age movies. Can’t Buy Me Love is a really great one.

He is not alone in this process thankfully and Marvel and Sony are helping him along the way, which he insists is a lot of fun.

Well, working with Marvel and Sony, I feel like there’s a lot of support in place. It doesn’t feel like I’m alone in a room with the burden of making this movie all on my shoulders. It’s a really sort of nurturing and collaborative environment that they’ve created. So right now, it feels good and very positive and very creative. It’s fun! I’m having a blast.

Since the movie is about two years away, Watts doesn’t want to share too much about the plot but he is certainly excited about what it means to be in the MCU.

Well yeah, he’s in a world where the Avengers exist. So that already puts lots of possibilities at play. It’s all the same universe, so definitely. It has to make sense logically.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about the story Watts will tell and hopefully we can get an official title sometime soon!

The untitled Spider-Man reboot is scheduled to hit theaters July 27, 2017.

Source: IGN