The still untitled sequel to Avengers: Infinity War will start production soon and with so much uncertain about what we can expect from this film, as well as the one that just finished filming, there is not much to go on. We had some information on scenes being filmed that will include Yakuza-like characters and some hints at filming to start in Toyko, but outside of that, not much is known about the mysterious sequel. At this rate, all we can do is theorize how exactly this sequel will build upon its predecessor, but it seems that everyone is going to get ready to return to the upcoming film’s production. Thanos actor, Josh Brolin teased his official return to the franchise with a post on Instagram.

This post does not give away much, but it is great to see him use the poster of Thanos that was revealed not too long ago with a great look at this major villain. He will return to play the character in mo-cap, as the mad titan will tower over the Avengers and Guardians. Sadly, outside of knowing that he will return and it confirming director Joe Russo‘s words that it would start early August during SDCC. Brolin has been quite busy filming Deadpool 2 and the actor does not seem to be wasting any time as he jumps from one production to the next. It will be interesting to see if he’ll be switching between films as production on both continues.

Source: Instagram via Screenrant