Ever since Phase 3 began, the MCU has been slowly been stepping up their villain-game in their films. They kicked things off with a very understated but nuanced villain with Zemo in Captain America: Civil War; Kurt Russell‘s brought Ego the Living Planet to life by imbuing him with his own charming but dickish bravado; The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming gave us one of the best MCU villains since Loki thanks to Michael Keaton‘s blue collar swagger; and from what we’ve been reading in the Thor: Ragnarok reviews, Hela could soon follow suit. Because of this promising streak of palatable villains, all eyes are on Josh Brolin‘s Thanos in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War. As the be-all and end-all of MCU villains, there’s an air of anticipation and curiosity surrounding the Russo’s take on the Mad Titan and whether it will live up to all the hype. Brolin addressed this in his recent interview with Collider, saying:

I can’t tell you definitively, but how I feel right now and what I’ve spoken to the Russos about and Feige, absolutely. It actually more than pulls it off, and I think what they’re coming up with based on what I’ve done, I think is next level.

Brolin also reveals that there was a spontaneity with how the character was molded in the creative process, stating that even the Russo Brothers weren’t expecting how complex Thanos was going to turn out:

I think they were very happy where they said, ‘We didn’t really realize that Thanos is going to be as complex as he is,’ and I think they were very appreciative with the stuff that we’re bringing to it.

As a fans who gets worried that the hype will be too huge for the film to live up to (looking at you Defenders!), these comments from Brolin are just assuring to read. The Russos have been hard at work at these two films for months now and the time they’ve spent occupied with complex characters like Thanos have likely allowed them to understand the world more and more. I’m dying to see how they’re depicting the character and what about this Thanos makes him “next level”.

Source: Collider