The build up that led to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron brought expectations to an all-time high for fans. By bringing in a recognizable villain in Ultron, voiced by James Spader, and introducing three new heroes, director Joss Whedon had a lot on his plate.

The movie was a huge success at the box office even with sub-par reactions from critics. One of the biggest complaints was that the film felt overstuffed at times even after the film had been trimmed down in the editing room. Avengers: Age of Ultron had a finished run time of two hours and twenty-one minutes, but the original cut ran closer to three hours.

There are definitive moments where you can see some possibly important scenes cut, and that led some people to hope that we would one day get to see a director’s cut of the film. However, Joss Whedon does not appear to feel the same way.

It has always been my ambition never to do a director’s cut of anything, and always to make the movie with the studio that we both want to make. Ultron was very complex. There was a lot of back-and-forth. My instinct is no.

I don’t think there’s interest in it, right now. You’ll see a bunch of stuff on the DVD in extras that were meant to be there. But the narrative came together very close to the way that I hoped it would, and I don’t think it needs me to constantly tweak it. I feel you put something out, and there it is.

If I tell a story, I want that to be the story I told. Ultron may have some transitions that I’m not 100% on board with. It’s also one of the most ridiculously personal things I’ve ever put on screen. The fact that Marvel gave me that opportunity and supported it, I’m very happy and very proud of everybody that worked on it. I don’t feel the need to go in and fix.

This is a tad disappointing, but if the deleted scenes and alternate ending hold up and help build the story, I’m sure some fan out there will edit together a super-cut of the film. We already know that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) filmed some scenes that were ultimately cut, so hopefully those will be included with the deleted scenes.

Avengers: Age of Ultron does not currently have a scheduled release date for Blu-Ray/DVD, but is estimated to come out in September 2015.

Source: Collider