The Marvel Cinematic Universe is running at full steam right now. Kevin Feige is the leading reason for the success, but another person responsible for how successful the universe has become is Joss Whedon. Whedon joined the MCU in 2010 to write and direct The Avengers, the first film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that saw the Avengers join forces on the big-screen.

He then went on to write and direct the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, while also giving his advice on scripts for the other Marvel movies. After Age of Ultron, though, there was a falling out between Whedon and Marvel. During a recent interview with Oxford Union, he was asked if he would ever return to the MCU. And as it stands, it looks as though Whedon is done with the MCU.

No. You know I was their sort of Consigliere for a while… We do not discuss our thing… [audience laughter] But, I sort of had my finger in all of the films in the second phase, but then I just had to concentrate only on Ultron, and sort of know when it was done I was just going to stop. So I made a completely clean break – not because we had a falling out – just because I was like, “I can’t…” If I was still there going, “Well, here are my thoughts on this film,” I’d be there every day. I wouldn’t do anything else because there are a lot of films, and it is a lot of fun. It’s very seductive. When you can put your little fairy dust on things and just improve them slighty, and they actually listen to you… I was a script doctor for a long time, and the part where they listen to you was very rare; so it was very important for my own self to go “we can still be friends.”

This should not come as a complete surprise given the public fallout between Whedon and Marvel and the backlash he received for parts of Age of Ultron. It is still an unfortunate scenario, however. I would have liked to see what Whedon would do with a non-Avengers MCU movie.

Source: Oxford Union.