Late last week, some unsettling, unsurprising, and highly speculated news became official. Marvel and Disney have officially removed Inhumans from their schedule. We have long heard rumors about the state of this movie, and with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s major focus being this new race, questions began to rise as to how Inhumans would work and connect the television and movie universes. That is no longer a problem Marvel has to deal with immediately, but Kevin Feige has promised it will happen at some point.

This decision leaves the previous July 12, 2019 release date vacant and even though the date may move up or back a few weeks, Marvel will definitely be releasing a film around that time. The new movie will likely be the launching point for Phase 4, not the ending of Phase 3. With that in mind, we are going to give our best guesses as to what film could replace Inhumans.

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Close

In just a few short days, the entire world will get to see what Marvel has done with their version of Spider-Man, and I can guarantee audiences will be screaming for more. His first solo film is slated for July 7th, 2017 so a two year turn around is feasible. Tom Holland is going to be a very busy man if he is included in both parts of Avengers: Infinity War. No matter his role in those movies, how a teenager adapts to life as a hero following a battle with an ultra-powerful alien is definitely something I want to see explored.

Doctor Strange 2


Marvel did not go and sign Benedict Cumberbatch on to play Stephen Strange only to make him a supporting character in the universe. He is getting the second slot of Phase 3, and assuming it is a big success, it would not be a surprise to see him get a crack at leading off Phase 4. After Thanos wrecks the world, it would be a nice change of pace to see the underworld that only Strange can deal with as a way to set the stage for a more Earth centered Phase.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


On the complete opposite end of taking the focus back to Earth with Doctor Strange 2, using the Guardians of the Galaxy to take the focus back to space would work as well. These characters are already beloved and I’m sure they’ll look and feel different following the clash with Thanos. Taking these characters further across the galaxy and giving us Nova as a new member would set up a lot of fun possibilities for Phase 4 and beyond.

Iron Man 4

Iron Man Opening Door

Phase 1 began with Iron Man. Phase 2 began with Iron Man 3. Phase 3 begins with Captain America: Civil War. Kicking off Phase 4 with Iron Man 4 would continue Marvel’s trend to put Robert Downey Jr. in the first film of a Phase. It also helps that Downey is open to another movie, and based on his track record with Marvel, whatever Downey wants, Downey gets. It is a no-brainer success and could go in plenty of different ways between him heading to space, passing the torch, or my personal favorite- learning of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s existence after Fury dies in Infinity War and becoming the new head of the organization.

Fantastic Four


This one is easily the most complicated, but where there is smoke, there is fire in my eyes. I believe Marvel will strike a deal with Fox to regain the rights to Fantastic Four and plenty of their villains, and when it happens they will instantly be brought into the universe. Fantastic Four opens up a ton of doors for Marvel, especially if they get to use Galactus, Dr. Doom, or Silver Surfer. It would be unlikely that this movie would kick off a Phase given Marvel’s track record, but if they are going to be major pieces moving forward, giving them the chance to start Phase 4 would make that clear.

Let us know what film you think could replace Inhumans on the release schedule in the comments below!