The second season of Daredevil built upon the solid origin story from season one and added onto the Marvel-Netflix universe. We got the see The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elodie Yung) come to life, as well as the further development of many characters we had already met back during season one. This series has consistently given fans more than we dreamed by reinventing classic characters and drawing from classic story-lines in ways that never seemed possible in a grounded, gritty, superhero story.

They gave us a “Mike Murdock” mention in the second episode of the whole series, for crying out loud. If you had told me that we would get a Mike Murdock reference in the Netlflix Daredevil series, before it aired, I might not have ever watched. But the creative team behind Daredevil has been able to follow the plan originally put into place by Drew Goddard and give us so many geeky details, like Mike, that anything seems possible as they move forward. With over fifty years of source material, they are no where near running out of ideas to pull from.

With that said, here are some of our hopes for what they might give us in season three.

Born Again

born again

With Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) looking into Matt Murdock, rather than Daredevil himself, it seems likely that he will figure out the identity of the horn in his side and proceed to make his life miserable. While the Netflix Daredevil wouldn’t be expected to follow the exact path as the comics, it seems likely that Fisk could find ways to empty his bank accounts, ruin his already-fragile relationships with those around him, and even destroy his apartment. Wilson Fisk is a worthy adversary, and there is plenty of more damage he can inflict on the lives of Matt and everyone associated with him.

And to pull this off, Fisk will likely bring in another of Daredevil’s classic enemies…



It’s possible that Wilson Fisk has already hired the classic sharp-shooter to do his dirty work, with the playing card shown in season one after the shooting of Detective Blake. It’s time for this villain to come out of the shadows and cause trouble in Hell’s Kitchen. With deadly accuracy, Bullseye is known for killing with as little as a playing card thrown at an opponent’s throat. He has a particular reputation for killing the women in Daredevil’s life, including Karen and Elektra, but who knows who his target would be in the Netflix universe?

Then again, Fisk could always pull on other characters with whom he already has a relationship, such as…

The Gladiator

Melvin the Gladiator

Melvin Potter (Matt Gerald) was introduced in season one, where we learned that he is a talented craftsman, and a skilled fighter. While he seemed more stable in season two, he still reached for his saw blades when he worried about the safety of himself and Betsy. In the comics, Melvin walks a careful balance of mental health, and when he has bad days, he becomes the villain known as The Gladiator. While we don’t expect him to be the “Big Bad” for a full season, it seems like time for him to flip the switch and make Matt Murdock’s life more difficult!

The Owl

While Leland Owsley, the man behind “The Owl” in the comics, didn’t survive season one, he did make many references to his son, “Lee.” I’m holding out hope that his son, angry over the circumstances surrounding the death of his father, returns at some point and is a force with which to be reckoned. With the death of Leland around the same time that Daredevil came on the scene in Hell’s Kitchen, Lee could be out for revenge. While the death of a parent is the classic formula for super-hero, it isn’t a bad way to get a super-villain, as well. While “The Owl” in the comics had hollow bones and the ability to fly short distances, he also frequently took experimental serums for additional powers. If they do bring him into the picture, I would expect them to go the route of experimental medications, or even having dangerous weapons developed by The Gladiator, rather than actually being part-bird.

Maggie Murdock

We may have gotten a hint of Matt’s mom while he was unconscious in season two, and we know that she was alive when Jack Murdock died, because he left her a message in season one. Maybe, in season three, we would finally get to meet Matt’s mom. I’m sure the Netflix version of Maggie Murdock’s story will be different than anything we’ve seen in the comics, and I’m ready to know what it is!

Elektra Lives Again


Maybe the series won’t follow the Frank Miller Elektra Lives Again story-line, but there is no reason to believe that the character is gone for good. Since The Hand removed her body from the grave and so elegantly placed it in their urn-casket, it is reasonable to believe that she will be back as the leader of The Hand. As their “Greatest weapon,” is it likely that she will be an enemy of Daredevil when she re-appears.

Typhoid Mary

Matt Typhoid

Typhoid Mary is such a fun character with Dis-associative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) that I can’t help but hope that she gets to mess with Matt Murdock’s mind just a little bit, even if she would be better-suited as a villain in Jessica Jones. I wouldn’t mind if her kinder personality has a relationship with Foggy, rather than Matt. Maybe I’m the only one, but I also wouldn’t mind if her name turns out to be Marci.

Milla Donovan

Matt Milla

Perhaps there is room in Matt Murdock’s life for yet another lady-friend? Milla Donovan is a blind philanthropist working to make Hell’s Kitchen a better place. While she first meets Daredevil in the mask, he has a hard time denying that he is Daredevil when she confronts him later in his law office. Throughout over fifty years of Daredevil comics, she is the only love interest that Matt Murdock marries. With Karen as prominent in the Netflix series, I doubt that we will see Matt settle down with anybody else sometime soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Milla is honored as a character in the series moving forward. With Nelson and Murdock seemingly over, Matt could find himself working for a philanthropic organization where he might cross paths with her, in some form or another.

There are so many more characters and stories that they could tell as the story moves forward. What are you hoping to see if and when we have a third season of Daredevil? Sound off in the comments below!