Who exactly is Jude Law playing in Captain Marvel remains a mystery, although we do have some clues that may or may not be putting us in the right track. Despite not knowing, it still is an honor to have another talented, award-winning actor to join the MCU. Law hasn’t been the most talkative about his Marvel experience, but as the marketing campaign for the film grows as its premiere nears, we’re bound to hear more not only from him but from the whole cast.

In an interview with Collider, Law shed some light on the nature of the relationship between the two sides of the war that Captain Marvel will depict, the Skrulls and the Kree, as well as his character’s position in all of this.

The Kree and the Skrulls are constantly in conflict, so both communities are living really at high alert and both obviously live with a huge wariness of each other.” Law continued, “… my character is somewhat judgmental and full of hatred of the Skrulls. The Skrulls to the Krees really represent despicable maneuvering and manipulation. The Skrulls have this way – they can simulate other people, they can turn into other things, and so it’s this idea of subterfuge that you’re not who you really are, whereas the Kree have a kind of purity about them and an honesty, as far I see it.

He also had an interesting addition, the fact that we’ll see Kree war posters warning against the Skrull shape-shifting threat, something along the lines of “Know your enemy. It could be you.” In a more psychological side (one that could prove important in future Skrull-related stuff in the MCU), Law mentioned:

There’s a great line in one of the scenes where one of the warriors is asked whether he’s ever been ‘simmed’ and he says he has and then he had to kill himself. [Laughs] So it can be psychologically very scarring.

As the movie draws near, we will definitely get more content related to Captain Marvel. Stay tuned not to miss any of the interviews, set visits and promotional material that will be coming in the next weeks.

Source: Collider