Earlier this year, it was revealed that Jude Law had joined the growing cast of Captain Marvel as the Kree icon known as Mar-Vell – a story we originally broke – aka the Marvel’s OG Captain Marvel. Now, the first photos of Law on the set have surfaced and while they don’t reveal his costume for the film, they do chronicle the first meeting of Law and Brie Larson on set. A fun candid moment!

It’s hard to tell if Law’s hairdo is the actual ‘do of Mar-Vell on film. Mar-vell has long been portrayed as having long flowing blond hair. I can’t imagine Law having that kind of look but if there’s anyone that can make that work, it’s Marvel’s visual team. Another thing I’m wondering is if they’ll paint Law blue like most of the Kree we’ve seen in the MCU. In the canon of comics, Kree are portrayed in two colors: the blue we’re familiar with and the fair skinned ‘pink’ aliens that resemble caucasians. It’s gonna be interesting to see which route they go.

Source: Just Jared