Back in 2013, long before it was confirmed that actor Benedict Cumberbatch would portray Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange, it appeared as though most actors had been mentioned at some point in the casting process. (If you’ll recall, it was even rumored that Johnny Depp would portray the character at one point.) One of those actors was Justin Theroux, someone who had previously worked with the studio when he wrote the screenplay for the highly divisive Iron Man 2. It was an interesting name tossed in the ring, and given his prior work experience with the studio, it seemed like a good fit. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be as Cumberbatch nabbed the gig. Still, the actor doesn’t seem to have nothing but respect for Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige and company.

While doing promotion for the upcoming Zoolander sequel, actor Justin Theroux who wrote the screenplay, took some time to reflect on his work with Marvel Studios with the folks over at Bad Taste. While praising the studio, and their handling of the characters, Theroux also mentioned how he initially thought The Avengers – one of the biggest box office hits – would be a bad idea.

“What I like about Kevin Feige and Jeremy Latcham and all the guys at the studio, is that they really love these characters,” Theroux told Italian outlet Bad Taste. “They’re not just trying to throw something out. I remember at that time talking about The Avengers with Kevin. I remember that I told him “I don’t know if this is going to work, having Iron Man and all these characters together” but then he ended up doing something really special. They love these superheroes and they protect them. For the business side of it, the struggle for the merchandise or the battle between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment, I didn’t pay attention. As for the present I know that they want every product to be good.”

Theroux also talked about the reception to Iron Man 2, and admitted that, while it is flawed, there’s still plenty that he’s proud of in the film.

“You know, like many thing sometimes is difficult to live up to the expectations,” he said. “After the first Iron Man the expectations for the second one were huge. You go in with very high expectations… and even before we started working on it we had a release date and so we had to do the movie very quickly. And I don’t want to blame anything or anyone… It was a collaboration and I really love Marvel, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. We tried to please the fans and tried to make it big… But sometimes these things they don’t just quite work. But there are parts of that movie that I’m very proud of.”

Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., can next be seen as Iron Man in May’s Captain America: Civil War. As for Theroux, you can catch Zoolander 2, which he penned, on February 12th. You can also catch him on HBO’s The Leftovers, which just completed its second season.