Before we know it, November will be upon us and that means so will Doctor Strange. The second trailer debuted last night at San Diego Comic-Con and showed off a lot of the magical elements that will be prominent in the film. From bending buildings, to collapsing cities, or traveling through portals, there will clearly be a lot of brand new elements brought into the MCU later this year. At the forefront of this is Stephen Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, but his transformation into the Sorcerer Supreme will not be without its fair share of tests.

The big problem that will be facing Strange later this year is the mysterious Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen. While we do not know much about Kaecilius and what he will be doing, his crackling eyes have always been the standout from the first time we saw him. His purpose in Doctor Strange is still not revealed, besides just being the villain, but in speaking to ComingSoon, director Scott Derrickson teased that he will provide the chance to meet more people.

Derrickson: To allow us to introduce the idea of certain individuals who live in other dimensions, and we’ve done that.

We will not get into who these individuals could be, because there are a multitude of options out there. However, no matter who is on the other side of these dimensions, Strange will have to deal with Kaecilius first and foremost. According to Mikkelsen, he is a very determined villain that is set out to change the world.

Mikkelsen: He’s a man of skill and inner strength who has certain ideas about how the world should be but keeps running into a little bump in the road called Doctor Strange.

As Kaecilius is running around opening up various dimensions and causing trouble for Strange and friends, we will still have to learn about who our hero is as a man. This is what will drive the story and ultimately make us care or not care about the fate of Strange. His arc is something that helped attract Cumberbatch to this role, along with the great pieces in place behind the camera and at Marvel Studios themselves.

Cumberbatch: It’s ultimately about a man who is struggling with himself, who is very arrogant, who has to overcome himself and that’s what was exciting about it. We have a great director and a great overlord [in Kevin Feige] who help us place where we are in the overall scheme of things because day to day it’s just about the work, about the scene you’re in, about the dialect if you’re like me playing an American when I’m clearly not, and just getting through it.

Now while Strange is mastering his new craft and fighting off Kaecilius, he will not be alone. Instead of following the traditional nature to make Baron Mordo a villain for Strange to fight, Chiwetel Ejiofor will get the chance to be his mentor and friend for the first installment. Well, at least for most of it. The team knows what Mordo’s history is and are not shying away from it, instead, they are making the future conflict that much more meaningful by having them be friends before foes. Should a Doctor Strange sequel be greenlit, Mordo as the villain is almost certain to happen.

Ejiofor: Mordo’s not just a villain, he’s very ambiguous. He’s a mentor to Strange and there’s a growing respect between the two of them – he see’s a lot of skill in Strange – and then things get complicated.

Derrickson: Definitely we were thinking about the future and where to go with Doctor Strange and that [antagonism between Mordo and Strange] is a place we want to take the story.

Outside of the unique visual style, great cast, and the smallest of story points, the majority of this movie remains a mystery to us. That is perfectly okay with me, because the more surprises this movie can have, the better. The Kaecilius/Strange/Mordo dynamic should be incredible to watch unfold, especially if Kaecilius is the reason that Mordo changes sides. Let us know what you want to see from Kaecilius and Mordo in the comments below!

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2016.

Source: ComingSoon.