Despite having no superhuman abilities, Karen Page continues to be one of Marvel-Netflix’s most enigmatic characters. ALong with a rumored dark past, her stubborn quest for justice and truth is what makes her a fascinating character of agency that we’d like to learn more about. We’ll be getting our wish in the upcoming third season of Daredevil, as some new set photos reveal that a portion of the story will be set in Karen’s fictional hometown of Fagan Corners, Vermont.

As with earlier Daredevil Season 3 photos, we only have so much to speculate on. We’re wondering if this is a flashback or set in the present where Karen returns home to her family. Some story threads from previous seasons have hinted at the peculiar circumstances of her brother’s death and the time she fired a weapon at someone. It’ll be interesting to see whether that plays a big part this season. It is absolutely worth noting that in the comics, Karen’s father turned out to be an actual DD villain. I’m not a fan of retconning relatives into bad guys but I wouldn’t put it past them doing it.

Source: Hudson Valley 360