One of the last big announcements that Marvel has made was surprisingly revealing the all-star cast for Thor: Ragnarok. While the announcement confirmed some heavily rumored cast members, there were also a few surprising additions. Jeff Goldblum‘s involvement got a lot of attention and almost overshadowed that Karl Urban has also joined as Skurge the Executioner. He has already said that his characters has a great arc and now Urban is back again teasing how excited he is to start.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy while out promoting Star Trek Beyond, Urban was asked about his involvement with Marvel and what we can expect with Thor: Ragnarok. With production set to start sometime this month, everyone is up to date on what their characters will be doing and for Urban, he has high praise for the script. He also just can’t wait to finally jump into this world.

I will say that I read a fantastic script – a really fun, engaging script.

I can’t wait to get on set with Taika [Waititi] and the cast. We’re going to have a lot of fun.

Urban and the rest of his co-stars should be traveling to Australia over the coming weeks to begin filming the latest installment in the Thor franchise. It is still unclear what type of role Skurge will have, whether he will be helping Hela or simply fighting in the Grandmaster’s games, but either way I am very much looking forward to seeing Urban in the MCU. Let us know if you are looking forward to Urban playing Skurge in the comments below!

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to hit theaters November 3, 2017.

Source: Digital Spy.