Filming on the much anticipated Hawkeye Disney+ series began recently in New York. Much about the series have been revealed since then, including the confirmation of Hailee Steinfeld’s casting as Kate Bishop. With this, we also recieved pictures of Lucky the pizza dog as well. News even broke Friday of many different castings including Fra Fee as Kazi, otherwise referred as the assassin Clown, newcomer Alaqua Cox as Echo, Tony Dalton as The Swordsman, and Florence Pugh’s reprisal of Yelena Belova. Hype around the series is building up, fans are excited to see Clint pass his mantle and to see the arrival of The Young Avengers, of which Kate is a founding member. Today, new set photos have been revealed and we finally have evidence of Kate Bishop’s official costume. These pictures come to us via the twitter page: @BRMarvelNews

In all the photos, we can see she is dawning her classic purple look with her bow and arrows on her back. She also has on some sort of utility belt. As with all the recent set photos and videos, the two seemed to have been roughed up a bit. This could be indicative of a fight, but with who? The series currently has two confirmed villains and one rumored in Madame Masque. As to which of these villains the duo will face in the first season is still unknown at this time. It is known that the series will take place in 2025. And Clint has been confirmed to loose his hearing during the process of the show. Both of which were confirmed through set photos. We can definitely hope to see more leaked set photos!

The series is still set to arrive on Disney+ in August 2021. Whether or not this release date will hold is not known at this time. Marvel has rearranged the release schedule twice, and another slate change would not be unexpected. Regardless of this, fans can be assured that we will receive a deeper dive into Clint Barton’s backstory and see the future of his character as well as the mantle of Hawkeye moving forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: Twitter