Here is an interesting update to the upcoming Avengers 4. Fans of the Netflix original 13 Reasons Why will be glad to hear that its star Katherine Langford has joined the film in an undisclosed role. There is no official word on how large her role will be and what we can expect from her in the film, but it seems that they are expanding the cast quite a bit. At this point, it is unclear if she has a minor or a larger role moving forward but they might have some plans for the Emmy-award winning actress.

There have been rumors that an actress will play the role of Stature so we could see Langford play a character from the Young Avengers storylines. Some online reactions have seen her as a perfect match to play Hawkeye’s protegé Kate Bishop. Rumors have pointed to dimensional travel being part of the plot so they could bring her in, especially if Jeremy Renner might not return for the role after Avengers 4. She could also have a minor role in the film similar to Peter Dinklage‘s role as Etri in Avengers: Infinity War. It will be interesting to see if we get a glimpse of her in the first trailer for the much-anticipated Avengers 4.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Who do you think she could be playing?

Source: The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter