Ever since the reveal that Captain Marvel would take place during the 90s, there was one question that many ponder. Why did he not call her when Ultron or Loki were trying to destroy the world? The Avengers Initiative was established to defeat threats no army or secret spy organization could handle but it is still an odd decision. Nick Fury relied on a group of random powered individuals to get along and protect the world. Luckily for him, it all worked out but we saw the limits of their relationship in Captain America: Civil War. Still, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige explained why it took Fury until the events of Avengers: Infinity War to finally contact Danvers.

She is more powerful than any character we’ve introduced thus far. So that alone tells you that there’s a reason Nick hit that button at the end when he realized that they were up against something far bigger than they had ever been up against before. And having her on your side is hopefully going to change the balance of power in a way that they desperately need.

We have heard quite a few times that Captain Marvel will be the strongest Avengers. Brie Larson once described her abilities to be so strong that she could even move entire planets on her own. We will get our first glimpse at how strong she truly is in her first solo outing that will also set up her major role in Avengers 4. Feige seems to be hinting at Carol Danvers being the one to truly take down Thanos, as she will tip the power scale to their advantage. It is weird that we still do not have a subtitle or plot synopsis for the fourth Avengers film that will end the MCU’s third phase. There certainly seems to be a plan to establish Captain Marvel as one of their tentpoles for beyond Phase 3 so she will have a lot to prove in the fight against Thanos.

What do you think? Do you think she will be the one to defeat Thanos?

Source: EW

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