Update: It appears there was some miscommunication on the Kevin Feige contract front. JonLuca, the moderator over at /r/marvelstudios who was both involved in the Q&A and did a bulk of the transcription, posted an update in regards to Kevin Feige’s contract. You can read his quote below

I’ve received some questions about the contract renewal comment – he said that some of the actor’s contract have been renewd, not Kevin Feige’s. This information is spreading and I do not want to spread wrong information, so please correct this.

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One of the moderators at our 2nd favorite place online (other than here of course), /r/marvelstudios, had a chance to participate in a Q&A after a pre-screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron. He mentions in the comments that the notes currently posted are his condensed version, so his post isn’t a word for word transcription, but even taking that into account there are quite a few interesting pieces of information worth noting. Both Kevin Feige and Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon were present at the Q&A, but a good portion of it was Feige, and it’s his quotes that are the most interesting.

Age of Ultron spoilers below.

A couple weeks back, Kevin Feige disclosed in an interview that his contract was up in 2018. As the godfather of the MCU, the thought of losing Feige was a bleak one. Fear not though, it appears his contract WAS renewed although he wouldn’t go into details.

His contract was renewed recently, but he would not say much on the subject

Feige also commented on Marvel Studios’ tone and his response to fans when they inquire about the studio taking a “dark” turn. It’s also important to note that he only mentions the movies here, as Daredevil could definitely be considered “dark” in a lot of senses. Here’s what had to say:

There is no dark turn in the MCU. He says every year fans come up to him and ask him if this movie is when the MCU goes “dark” or takes a “dark” turn. He said while the trailers may seem ominous or have a sense of impending doom, the movies do not have that feel, and will not. He said he “Hoped people would catch on by now” – there will be no giant dark turns in the MCU where it then continues to head in that direction. The humor is in the DNA of the movies, there are no plans to change that.

Speaking of darkness in the MCU, he mentions that Quicksilver is dead. 100% dead.

Quiksilver is DEAD. 100%, he’s not coming back any time soon, there are no plans. No LMD, no escaping bullets, no retcon. Kevin said he is dead and wanted to make sure people understood that.

He also went on to say that the idea of having Loki’s Sceptre as the Mind Stone was planned out since The Avengers. So for those like myself who may want to feel a little justified in their earlier stance, you’ll get no satisfaction here; it’s not a retcon.

During filming of original Avengers they were already planning AoU – they knew Quiksilver would die, Vision and Scarlet Witch would have a “moment,” and that the gem was in the scepter

There is also no current plans to bring back the One-Shots. Which is a bummer because there are a lot of possibilities.

There are no active plans for the One-shots to return, unfortunately. If something good comes up, they’ll do it, but for now, no.

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