Yesterday, Tom Holland revealed the seeming title for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel in the oddest way possible; by ‘accidentally’ leaking it in an Instagram goof. While most people believed the title to be authentic, I certainly had an inkling that it was a fake. Well, I stand corrected now because our lord and savior Kevin Feige confirmed the title in an interview Cinemablend yesterday.

[It’s] similar [to Spider-Man: Homecoming]. I won’t say what the meanings are, but we enjoy that title because, like Homecoming, it is full of alternate meanings. And we liked continuing the ‘Home’ thing, with the little Spidey symbol in the ‘Home.’

So what could be those alternate meanings? We know that the sequel will be set in places outside of Spidey’s usual home base of New York City. A recent Avengers 4 rumor pointed towards the death of a very close person to Peter Parker so Far From Home could be another metaphor for that loss. And because Far From Home is clearly derived from Homecoming, I wouldn’t be surprised if they derive the third title from that word as well.

Source: Cinemablend via Screenrant