Outside of press tours, we don’t get many chances to hear what Marvel Studios is working on or what happens behind the scenes from Kevin Feige. Luckily, the Internet got an exclusive Reddit AMA with the CEO of Marvel Studios and used the opportunity to ask as much as possible. We already covered one major project teased with the potential return of Mandarin and his connection to the Shang-Chi project. Still, there is quite a lot to unpack so here are a few major highlights from the AMA.

One additional major hint matches some recent rumors, as after being asked about characters that haven’t been around for some time, Feige mentioned that he does enjoy bringing back many characters that haven’t been seen in quite some time. This included a reference to Abomination and Justin Hammer, which may give some more validity to the rumored Thunderbolts project.

“Are there any plans to use previously forgotten characters such as Leader, Abomination or Justin Hammer in the mcu?”

KF: “I’m not sure I’d call them forgotten characters but I love bringing back characters people think they’ve seen the last of. For example, General Ross and Harley.”

Another major aspect that Feige once again confirms is the importance of Disney+ shows moving forward. First off, he confirms that the show will “Totally and completely” weave into the films. That means that Wandavision and Loki will have some kind of effect on upcoming projects even though they feature major characters that have passed away not too long ago. Moreover, he also confirms that these upcoming mini-series will act as the revival of the famous One-Shots that were exclusively released with the film’s physical release.

“The best thing about the One Shots is that we got to flesh out other characters. It’s tremendously exciting that we now have Disney+ series where we get to do that on a grand scale with many of the characters you know and love.”

Many of the Marvel Studios directors went on to cameo in their films. Joe Russo has been in each of their films, Taika Waititi famously plays the role of Korg and Jon Favreau still appears as Happy Hogan. These are just a few of the most notable examples and many always wondered if we might get a chance of Kevin Feige, the man who created the MCU, to appear in a project. After the tragic passing of Stan Lee, there was some hope he would continue his trend by making cameos across the Marvel films but it looks like he isn’t really a fan of being in front of the camera. Sadly, this also debunks our hopes for him to host the upcoming Disney+ What If series.

“I don’t like being on camera, but I did cameo in a deleted scene in the first X-Men as a Weapon X technician. I was completely covered in a hood, mask and goggles.”

Some wondered about what happened the moment Banner snapped his finger and brought back many of those that vanished. Endgame revealed that everyone re-appeared at the place they originally vanished so what happened to those that were in the helicopter we saw during the end credits sequence of Infinity War? Looks like Banner thought of that as well and tried to get everyone back in the safest way possible.

“People have expressed views that, in Endgame, those brought back by the snap could have died in accidents (like someone being brought back 100 ft in the air where a plane used to be). Is it possible that Hulk, when doing the snap, not only brought everyone back, but also brought them back in a safe place?”

KF: “We refer to the version of Hulk in Endgame as Smart Hulk. So, yes.”

In a great little twist, one of Peter Parker’s teachers played by Martin Starr had already appeared in the film The Incredible Hulk. This has led to many fan theories that they are actually the same character as he was working in a computer lab at a university. It had become a popular theory that was never confirmed but it now finally has been confirmed. This isn’t the first time, as Feige also once confirmed the fan theory that the kid Tony saves in Iron Man 2 was a very young Peter Parker before his days as Spider-Man.

“Martin Starr was both in the Incredible Hulk (very briefly in the computer lab) and in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Peter Parker’s debate coach. Can we assume these are the same people?”

KF: “I do.”

Did you get a chance for our Lord and savior Kevin Feige to answer your question during the Reddit AMA? What was your favorite reveal during it?

Source: Reddit