During the Black Panther press junket, Kevin Feige coyly teased to Vulture the talent they cast to voice the Black Order aka The Children of Thanos, confirming that the performers they got to mo-cap the characters won’t be voicing them. We’ve been debating about this for some time on who they may have gotten and this interview with Feige is the first time the prospect has ever been addressed.

There are interesting people doing the voices. You’ll probably know when you see the movie.

With only a few months left, it’ll only be a matter of time until we get confirmation on who they got to voice the Black Order but in the meantime, let’s fan-cast the voice talent for Thanos’ babies, shall we? Keep in mind that the names fall under the interesting/unconventional yet-recognizable names Feige is hinting at.

Corvus Glaive – Mark Hamill

What better way to elevate Thanos’ ruthless enforcers than to have Luke Skywalker himself voice their ringleader, Corvus Glaive? Hamill has had a distinguished career as a voice actor, voicing countless iconic characters over the years with the Joker being the most notable. Plus it helps that he’s a big part of the Disney family. Who wouldn’t want to have Mark Hamill in the MCU?

Proxima Midnight – Whoopi Goldberg

This is as unconventional as you can get. The kind people would laugh off the stage. But people forget just how talented Whoopi is. She’s one of the 12 actors in film history to win an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) and has done voice work for Disney several times before. Goldberg voicing a merciless interplanetary warrior is the kind of wildly unconventional casting Marvel opts for.

Ebony Maw – Bill Nighy

For the ‘old man’ of the Black Order, we want Bill Nighy for it. Maw’s physicality seems to lend itself to that decrepit derelict voice that Nighy has perfected at this point with his years of acclaimed voice work. Plus, it helps that Nighy somewhat resembles Maw.

Cull Obsidian – Vin Diesel

We’re going in-house in the Marvel family for the brute of the family. You see a horned beastly giant, you imagine an incredible, deep, bellowing snarl as its voice, something Vin Diesel has proven over the years. He’s in the Marvel family and has yet to do more work outside of Groot. It was believed at one point that he was actively campaigning for the role of Black Bolt. If there was any truth to that, think of this as a way to make up for it.

What do you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Vulture