When James Gunn was fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director’s chair, there were a lot of questions regarding the future of the cosmic side of the MCU, a pocket that he was reportedly overseeing for future cosmic installments. In an interview with Cinemablend, Kevin Feige shed light on what this role meant and confirmed that Vol. 3 would indeed use his script.

His influence was Guardians. It was Guardians. It was his input on Guardians and the Avengers films, as you’ve seen in Infinity War, and on the Guardians 3 script, which we’re still using. So you’ll see that influence. I think online, sort of the notion of ‘architect across multiple cosmic things’ was slightly blown out of proportion.

Judging Gunn’s original comment about building movies around Vol. 3 and Feige’s clarification, it seems like the last Guardians film was set to pave the way for future cosmic installments. Gunn previously expressed interest in possibly doing a Ravagers film featuring Sylvester Stallone‘s crew of bandits. Even though Gunn has moved to the Distinguished Competition, the cosmic side of Phase 4 will be inevitably influenced by him with Marvel Studios still using his script.

Source: Cinemablend