Marvel’s stint on streaming-giant Netflix may have already met its end with the premiere of the final season of Jessica Jones a couple of weeks back but the future of such iconic comic characters appearing in more live-action installments down the road isn’t as bleak as it used to be. Just ask our lord and savior Kevin Feige, who recently shared his very peculiar thoughts on the Netflix characters possibly appearing in a film one day.

I don’t know. There were a lot of great characters that were on those Netflix series, and I think there is a period of time…it’ll be a while before we could use any of them based on what the contracts were, so I’m not sure. And also, even answering that question is a spoiler. But there are some great Marvel characters there. Who would you want to see?

So for those who don’t know, Netflix has a pending clause with the Marvel IPs that basically restricts Marvel from using any of the characters on the Netflix shows in a live-action setting. Be it a movie or a show, we’re not seeing them show up elsewhere for two years. Feige is likely referring to this clause with the first half of this statement. He also seems more chipper answering a question that’s been beaten to death in the past 5 years. Whether the spoiler he’s referring to pertains to sensitive behind-the-scenes dealings about Marvel TV’s plans for a revival or a straight-up spoiler for an upcoming film, it’s nice to hear him talk about this more positively.

Source: BET