All anyone can think about right now is the fact that Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters in just a few days, and I don’t blame you if that is the case. Come Friday, Phase 3 will officially be upon us, and even though we are all excited for it to start, it is only the beginning. There will be 10 films included in Phase 3, as Marvel continues to push the strength of their team. And the man in charge of overseeing all of this is none other than Kevin Feige.

Back when the press tour was just beginning for Civil War, Collider had the chance to sit down and talk to Feige about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While some of the interview was released periodically, they’ve since released the entire thing online, revealing some minor bits of new information regarding upcoming projects. As you’re all aware, I’m sure, Doctor Strange is tasked with following up Civil War and, from the looks of it, will be very different from anything we’ve seen before. One of the biggest factors will be the way the movie depicts magic and multiple dimensions. The use of 3D to enhance the story will help that according to Feige.

But we did one of the first reviews and it was pretty exciting. It was pretty cool in terms of how 3D can serve that story. You know, sometimes 3D is a tool, like it is in Civil War, a tool of –another toy in the sandbox of how the Russos (Joe and Anthony) can present this movie. Then there are times like what Disney is putting out with The Jungle Book –it’s certainly gonna be the case with Doctor Strange– that it serves the storytelling, that it advances the storytelling. And hopefully it helps bend people’s minds even more than just the flat screen will.

Later on in Phase 3 and in the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, Marvel will bring back it’s smallest hero and are doubling down on the smallness this time around. After being sidelined by her father Hank Pym, Hope (Evangeline Lilly) will be given her wings and suit up as Wasp. With her name included in the title, she will clearly have a big role in Ant-Man And The Wasp, but will she be the focus given the larger role Ant-Man will have in the MCU?

I think it will be fairly even. But it’s a good point, bringing the audience up to speed on where she is might take a little more time, but I think it’ll be a two-hander. That’s certainly the intention.

One of the reasons Phase 3 of the MCU is so large is in part because Marvel is expanding to three films per year starting in 2017. This means you will be hard pressed to find a time of the year where there is not a Marvel movie filming. When asked if we could see Marvel expand upon that even further, Feige was not sure. He is focused on keeping each movie fresh, and if people stay interested than it could happen.

I don’t really know. I mean we only really spend most of our time thinking about the things that we control completely, not the things that we cannot control. So when it comes to our slate, and it comes to the movies we release each year, you see the pattern; 2014, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy. Two totally, if you didn’t know who the purple guy was who sits in the throne and smirks, you’d never know that worlds were connected. 2015, Age of Ultron, Ant-Man. But for a passing reference of Stark and the Avengers here and there, and encountering Falcon, they are two totally different movies.

This year, we’ve got Civil War and we’ve got Doctor Strange in November, two completely different movies. To me, and to all of Marvel Studios, that’s what keeps it going. As long as we’re surprising people, as long as we’re not falling into things becoming too similar… next year, Guardians of Galaxy Volume 2, Spider-Man, Thor: Ragnarok. Those are three totally different movies – well, Ragnarok and Guardians probably have slightly more in common than Spidey, but that’s how it works. We think that as long as the only shared thing is they come from the same source material and they’ve got our Marvel logo in front of the movies. Other than that they can be very distinct. What other studios do, what other properties, nothing we can do about it.

As more and more Marvel movies continue to be made, they will have to find new characters to bring to the forefront and lead the MCU. Marvel has a wide library of characters at their disposal and that means fans always have at least one more character they want to see included.

I’ve said before, it’s a testament to Marvel and to the characters, and I think to the studios and to the films that we make, that we could announce 100 movies and people would go, “Well what about this character? What about this movie?” Someone brought it up in one of the panels today, it’s a nice problem to have.

Let us know what characters you still want to see make their movie debuts in the comments below!

Source: Collider.